EPM In Manufacturing: Finally coming of Age, Strategic Finance Magazine, September 2013

What’s the value of enterprise performance management (EPM) applications in manufacturing and supply chain organizations (MSCOs)? It’s a question that forward-thinking finance professionals are asking as they consider EPM software investments that automate financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, performance management, and balanced scorecard processes. The answer to this question is changing. Why? Because a next generation of EPM applications, which I’ll call EPM2, has emerged that extends beyond traditional EPM approaches to enable step-change improvements in planning and forecasting processes. Four fundamental realities are driving this EPM2 evolution:

  • The needs of MSCOs are fundamentally different from those of other sectors.
  • As complexity grows, financial and operational integration becomes essential to meet these needs.
  • Superior business modeling capabilities are required to support such integration.
  • These modeling capabilities are the key drivers of EPM value in MSCOs.

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Next-generation Manufacturing EPM, TechTarget, April 2014

What are the differences among enterprise performance management (EPM) applications and how do these differences translate into tangible business value? Anyone who’s been through an EPM selection process understands that these questions can be difficult to answer. But look a little deeper and you’ll discover that not all EPM software is alike — especially in the manufacturing sector. Embedded modeling logic in ‘EPM2’ software can finally get finance and operations planning in sync

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