The IBP Collaborative (IBPC) is a consultancy that helps manufacturers achieve step change improvements to how they plan, manage and govern their business. Through strategic, financial and operational integration, the IBPC helps manufacturers to address complex and interconnected management challenges, such as:

  • Improving the accuracy of profit and cash flow forecasts
  • Establishing a monthly or quarterly rolling forecast (RF) process
  • Establishing a profit-based Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process
  • Establishing effective scenario planning that provides forward visibility into risk
  • Integrating RF and S&OP processes to enable connected decisions
  • Driving consistent strategy execution and sustainable cost reduction

Integrating Financial and Operational planning is not a new idea. It’s been the subject of much debate, especially in both financial and operational circles. What is new though, are technologies that provide the means to fully integrate strategic, financial and operational planning and forecasting. However, the impact of these technologies is not always fully appreciated. The IBPC seeks to address this, by supporting change agents that seek to leverage Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to drive step change improvements to how organizations plan and manage their business. In this context, it will help businesses to:

  • Educate people about IBP and it differs from traditional approaches
  • Establish a shared understanding about IBP relevance to recognized business issues
  • Develop a shared view about the maturity levels supported by enabling technologies
  • Benchmark processes using maturity models that codify IBP leading practices
  • Drive agreement between finance and operations about approaching IBP
  • Share experiences about designing and implementing IBP

The IBPC is especially relevant to organizations that have already invested in Business Intelligence (BI), Decision Support, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Sales & Operations Planning and technologies to improve how they plan and manage their business. Despite these investments, many still struggle with long budget processes, inaccurate forecasts and ineffective S&OP processes.

Organizations experiencing these symptoms often feel like they are “hitting a wall” – one where further improvements can’t be squeezed out of existing processes and systems. For many, this can be frustrating, especially when they believe that they are already using leading technologies and processes. Many are left with a number of questions, which the IBPC seeks to help them answer, such as:

  • Why is strategic, financial and operational integration important?
  • Why is IBP relevant to establishing effective RF and S&OP processes?
  • What capabilities do IBP technologies have that EPM and S&OP do not?
  • What benefits and value are derived from integrating RF and S&OP processes?
  • Why are these differences especially relevant to complex organizations?

The IBP Collaborative seeks to improve the knowledge and understanding of innovations like Integrated Business Planning,. To this end, it has established a group on Linkedin, which can be viewed at the following link: IBP Collaborative Discussion Group →